When periodontal disease has damaged your gums or other oral structures Dr. Peter Warshawsky and Dr. Eric Driver can provide a stem cell regeneration treatment to help improve the condition of your mouth and reduce the effects of gum disease. For more information about stem cell regeneration in Palm Desert, California, and to make your appointment with our doctors, contact Periodontics of the Desert at 760-674-4410.

Stem cells are unique from other cells of the body because of their ability to self-renew. Stem cells can regenerate on their own, and are capable of re-growing into several different types of fully-developed cells. There are a variety of stem cells within your body, including cells that closely resemble the cellular makeup of dental tissue.

When you visit our practice for a stem cell regeneration treatment, our periodontists will take the stem cells that resemble those found in dental tissue and place them within your infected gums, harnessing your body’s ability to regenerate and regrow bone and tissue. Over time, the damaged tissues will regenerate to correct the effects of periodontal disease and restore your oral health and function.

We invite you to call or visit us today to learn more about stem cell regeneration and schedule a consultation with our experienced doctors.