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Welcome to Periodontics of the Desert dental hygiene blog, we are so excited to bring this project to our patients.

Our objective is to help inspire you to live your best self possible. We recently came across a book that has given us a deeper look into the dental-body connection and has jolted us to share it! It showed us there is much more to learn about our health. This has inspired us to make necessary changes in our lives. We constantly are told to eat healthy, avoid sugar, eat your vegetables, ect., but we never truly understand the mechanisms of how food works in our body. The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin DDS makes learning easy, and fun, with evidence-based research that will help us understand this connection.

The blog will work like this. Once a month, we will be telling a story of a woman named Rina Blake from New York. She is high strung, angry and unhealthy. She becomes motivated to improve herself when she has an encounter with a strange and mysterious man on the subway, named Steven Lin.

Don’t ya’ll want to know more? Randomly, we will also be sharing our personal stories and add posts that have nothing to do with the book-just articles that we have enjoyed and have inspired us. Stay tuned for next month and see what happens with Rina Blake.

We thank you for taking a look, and we appreciate your interest, Here’s to better health!!!