Dr. Peter Warshawsky, Dr. Eric Driver and Dr. Robert H. Lacrampe offer pocket reduction therapy to eliminate the bacteria trapped deep below the gum line and reduce the pockets in which bacteria congregate. Pocket reduction procedures can often correct periodontal problems when the gum tissue is not responding to regular dental hygiene treatments or to scaling and root planing. Contact Periodontics of the Desert at 760-674-4410 to learn more about pocket reduction in Palm Desert, California, and make your appointment with our doctors.

This photograph shows the condition present following years of regular hygiene appointments. The gums have remained swollen due to bacteria trapped deep under the gum line. The periodontal pockets near the teeth are 6mm deep – too deep for dental instruments to reach during hygiene appointments. Because the bacteria remains trapped beneath the gum line, periodontal disease remains present, increasing the risk for future tooth loss.

This photograph shows the improved condition following corrective pocket reduction treatment. Gum tissue is firm and healthy due to the elimination of bacteria, including the elimination of the periodontal pockets. The prognosis for life-long tooth retention has been greatly improved.

When you receive a pocket reduction procedure, our periodontists will gently fold back the gum tissue and remove plaque and bacteria that has built up. If necessary, we will also smooth the bone surface to encourage the gum to reattach and prevent future buildup of bacteria. We will then fold your gum tissue back into its proper position and secure it in place.

If you have questions about pocket reduction treatment, please contact our office.