Our goal at Periodontics of the Desert is to help you maintain a healthy smile throughout your entire life. If our periodontists discover abnormal tissue or lesions in or around your mouth, we will perform a tissue biopsy to determine what the problem is, and if it is harmful to your oral health. For more information about tissue biopsy in Palm Desert, California, and to make your appointment with Dr. Peter Warshawsky, Dr. Eric Driver, and Dr. Caitlyn Affrunti, please contact our office at 760-674-4410.

While oral cancer screenings are excellent preventive treatments, some diagnoses cannot be completed without a closer, more thorough evaluation, known as a tissue biopsy. The purpose of this procedure is to diagnose any unusual tissues in or around your mouth, so that we can quickly provide the treatments you need to regain your oral health.

Tissue biopsies are usually recommended when there is a case of unexplained tissue abnormality, especially an abnormality that continues to grow despite treatment or removal (such as a malignant tumor). Red or red and white lesions, for example, are often signs of a deeper problem, and can develop into ulcers that are hardened or fixed in deeper tissue. If you have lesions like these, we recommend that you visit our practice to receive a biopsy and seek treatment as soon as possible.

During your tissue biopsy, our doctors will remove a small sample of the suspected lesion from your mouth. This sample will be send to a lab for analysis, and when the results return we will be able to recommend the most beneficial treatments for your oral health needs.

We invite you to contact us today if you have questions or concerns about tissue biopsies, and to make your appointment with our caring periodontists.