Welcome Back!

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Hi, and welcome back to the latest posting of Periodontics of the Desert blog. Presented to you by the dental hygiene team at Periodontics of the Desert.

Last post, we introduced a character named Rina Blake from New York. As it turns out, Rina has moved to the Caribbean and is basking in the sun on a sandy white beach at the moment. So, that focuses our attention on the here and now bringing you the most current info on trends in overall health. Now you may be scratching your head saying to yourself, “Trends on overall health? I thought this was a dental office.” We are. We want to expand your mind on how you perceive our office and the care we provide for you.

Our concept is wellness-based dentistry. What does that mean? We are here to provide tips, products, and info for not only oral health but overall health. An integrative modern model of healthcare. Remember that little song, ankle bone connected to the knee bone, knee bone connected to the hip bone, etc.? Well, guess what? All of that is connected to the mouth, and the way you treat all parts of your body through sleep, nutrition, exercise, breathing, and thinking. Yes, THINKING, which affects your overall health and therefore, your mouth. Now this is not new information, but what is new is current evidence-based information pertinent to 2019 – not 2000, not even 2010.

We love sharing information that has inspired us and hope IT will have an impact on your integrative health. Until next time…

BTW, we are moving to quarterly post.